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Why Immigrate to Portugal?

A residence permit in Portugal is feasible to acquire in many various ways. One of the choices to acquire a residence permit is investing in Portugal and getting a European Union residency. An alternative choice to urge a residency permit in Portugal is to urge D7 Visa. If a residence permit is obtained via the options listed above, traveling to any Schengen country is feasible without a further visa. For immigrating to Europe and residing in Portugal for an extended period of your time – a residence permit must be acquired, which may be obtained by Portugal Passive Income Visa, setting up a new business in Portugal, investing, and purchasing a house.

Benefits Of Portugal Immigration

The efforts that you and we have made are all in pursuit of the benefits and advantages of this permanent residence, which will allow you to reap the following rewards.

  • Visa-free travel to the EEA/EU and the Schengen Area

  • Gaining access to the labor force

  • Education is free and available to everybody

  • The ability to use the Portuguese healthcare system

  • Other family members may accompany you

  • The possibility of becoming a Portuguese citizen

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Portugal GoldenVisa

The Portugal Golden Visa program also referred to as the residence permit for investment activity (ARI), is a residency-by-investment scheme designed for non-EU citizens. Portugal launched the program in October 2012. The chief objective was to draw international capital into the country because it was much in need after the 2008 economic crisis. The program proved to be an excellent success, raising 5.5 billion Euros in a little over eight years. Portugal offers a dreamy landscape, a good coastline, a climate filled with sunshine, hospitable people, and delicious cuisine. Better yet, it provides this prime quality of life at a really affordable cost of living. It is a program that brings many benefits, such as:


  • The requirement of a minimum stay in Portugal

  • Possibility of family reunification for the closest family members

  • Possibility of applying for a permanent residence permit after 5 years

  • Possibility of applying for Portuguese citizenship after 5 years


These features make Portugal a really attractive destination for international investors to take a position in and acquire the right to live, work, and study within the country. Furthermore, the Portugal Golden Visa program provides the chance to become a permanent resident or a citizen in Portugal in just five years. The Portuguese Golden Visa has become an absolute success model for investors that seek an honest investment and a safe and stable future in Europe for themselves and their families through Portuguese citizenship. The Golden Visa program has been actively promoted internationally by the Portuguese government. With an investment of only 280.000 Euros in the land, you already qualify for the golden visa program and obtain great rental returns.


Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

    Properties in need of rehabilitation in low density areas, residential or commercial properties with more then 30 years old or in special rehabilitation areas (ARU).

    Commercial properties in need of rehabilitation in high density areas, with more then 30 years old or in special rehabilitation areas (ARU) In the archipelago of Madeira and Azores residential properties are also allowed.

    Properties in low density areas, residential or commercial.

    Commercial Properties in high density areas. In the archipelago of Madeira and Azores residential properties are also allowed.

The Portuguese residency cards granted through the golden visa program by GoldenWest

کارت اقامت پرتغال
Investment Projects

Portugal D7 Visa

The D7 visa is the most suitable type of visa for retired people or those with fixed and passive income who want to live in Portugal. It was created to encourage and attract people who already have a guaranteed monthly income to the country. The guaranteed monthly income must come from: Income and rent, intellectual property, such as copyright, financial investments, profits and dividends from companies, all of these income must be within the minimum limit required to obtain the D7 Visa.

Portugal is the leading destination for people and families seeking residence within the European Union. It offers a stable political and social environment, clear and transparent tax rules, good infrastructure, a favorable investment climate, and a wonderful quality of life. Most foreigners consider the value of living to below. The Portugal Passive Income Visa – also referred to as a D7 Visa – provides residency status to non-EU / EEA / Swiss citizens, including retirees, who shall relocate to Portugal and are in receipt of an inexpensive and regular passive income.

The D7 Visa allows the retired holders to get a residence permit in Portugal for a period of 1 year, which may be renewed for successive periods of two years and, after 5 years, the applicant may acquire the permanent residence permit or Portuguese nationality.


The Portuguese residency cards granted through the D7 Visa by GoldenWest

Company Formation in Portugal

Registering a company in Portugal is one of the most popular ways to obtain Portuguese residency. One of the most important rules for obtaining Portuguese residency through company formation is submitting documents to the embassy of Portugal and proving the company’s activity after obtaining residency. One of the most common types of companies registered in Portugal by Iranians is Uber. Uber is a ride-hailing company that Iranians can easily and quickly prove its activity by submitting profit and loss reports and company contracts after obtaining residency in Portugal. In addition, people who are engaged in business between several non-Iranian countries can also register a company in Portugal and apply for residency.

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