Iran and Portugal are two political units in the contemporary world located on two different continents, Asia and Europe, which have long-standing relations dating back nearly five hundred years. In the past several decades, trade between Iran and Portugal, tourism, immigration, and investment has been increased. The Portuguese GoldenWest company with more than 15 years of experience, experts, and specialist consultants provide services in importing and exporting goods between Iran and Portugal, operating incoming tours from Portugal to Iran, and offering tourism services and investment in Portugal. obtaining a Portuguese residence permit via golden visa, D7 visa, company registration, and purchasing property for Iranians in Portugal are several other services of the company. The company’s headquarters are located in Aveiro, Portugal. This company has also established a branch in Tabriz, Iran, to facilitate customer service.

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International Trade Consulting and Strategy

GoldenWest provides a specific import and export strategy, which is tailored to your company and its specific product and service needs. We analyze, confront, and solve your import and export logistics needs by providing personalized and specialist service. We will take your company to the next level, by improving cost-effectiveness and reducing transit times. The aim of GoldenWest is to help more and more foreign sellers find the right products from Portugal and Iran quickly and efficiently.

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Goldenwest is a company that has experience in advising travelers on travel and related services in the country of Iran. Our experienced professionals assist you in taking the most appropriate precautions for your international journey. As a travel consultant for Iran, we provide consulting services that decrease your time and effort on preparing for your trip. We simplify the process to obtain necessary items that support your journey. We have been working more than 15 years to ensure warmly and hearty service and ensure high excellence in service and quality to our guests. We create comprehensive travel products and tour programs upon our guests requests.


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Investing For Your Future


Portugal is a high growth new market with excellent investment potential. The company of GoldenWest in Portugal is pleased to provide highly personalized care and attention to each of our property investors. We believe that by taking a hands on approach we protect and enhance the value of our assets for the long term. We are able to source property anywhere in Portugal providing it represents good value to the investor and has the potential for attractive capital appreciation. After a free consultation, our team will find an investment property that’s suitable for your objectives & budget. We hold ourselves to high standards, acting ethically and transparently to help property investors find suitable investment opportunities across the Portugal.

A guide for expats

GoldenWest is an immigration consultancy firm created to offer a humane approach to all immigration and citizenship matters. It is our mission to help individuals immigrate to Portugal on both a temporary or permanent basis by leading them through the immigration process with trust and ease. We treat our clients as people first with the aim to provide immigration and citizenship solutions with honesty, transparency, professionalism, and empathy. Located in Aveiro, Goldenwest has years of experience and numerous successful immigration cases. We provide services to Iranian clients, assisting them with everything from permanent residency, Goldenvisa, D7 Visa, temporary visas, and more. As a multi-service immigration agency, we know your rights and how to navigate any barriers that are preventing you from living your dream.

Portuguese Residency Cards and Visas

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