GoldenWest is the most reliable and trustworthy export company in Portugal and Iran. We have offices both in Aveiro, Portugal and Tabriz, Iran.

We have provided the best export and import services between Iran and Portugal till now. 

Our company provides services for your purchasing in Portugal and Iran whether you buy from local suppliers, manufactures & distributors or the factory directly. We provide a specific import & export strategy, which is tailored to your company and its specific product and service needs. We have been doing this business for more than 15 years.

Portugal International trade

January to September 2022

Exports of goods
58 637 280 832 €
Imports of goods
81 187 104 902 €

Choose us, you will never be regret, we are your best partner in Portugal and Iran. Do not hesitate to contact us! The aim of GoldenWest is to help more and more foreign sellers find the right products from Portugal and Iran quickly and efficiently.

Working experience

All our service members have many experiences working in the sourcing products fields. They know the market quite well and always can find the right suppliers efficiently. Our Import Export Experts, are focused on building long term, sustainable business relationships with our clients and service providers.


our company is located in Aveiro and Tabriz, one of the most important export cities in Iran. There are so many manufactures for all kinds of products that you need in Portugal and Iran, We have co-operation with most of the factories and we can easier to find the supplier for your product.

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